Blog #1: New resolutions towards achieving old goals

Paint Jumble

For my first blog, which very few, if any, will read who are not related to me, I still think it’s best to introduce myself. Much of this can be found in my awkward “About Me” page, which along with everything else in this blog will (hopefully) improve as I learn more about blogging and clarify it all for myself and anyone else who stumbles onto this blog.

It’s the time of year for resolutions, which experience has shown me are never kept and so I never make them. This year is different in many ways, because my life up to this point has been working towards achieving the old goals (dreams) I had when I was very young and optimistic and believed I could do anything…until my choices led me down a different path. My art career was put on hold until the last few years, when I made the decision to return to school. I am now fortunate enough to attend full time classes at Leeward Community College and now University of Hawaii at Manoa (next semester) with kids my adult children’s age, which has been strange, stressful and fun…and I take every chance I get to remind those kids it’s better to get college out of the way in the 20s than 40s. I also attend the Zwick Academy of Fine Art in Honolulu for classical realism training workshops in drawing and painting, which is more to my liking than contemporary art…although after struggling though Intermediate Painting and Drawing classes I have a respect for modern art if not an aptitude for creating it. I give my professors credit for their patience with me in those classes.

I intend for this blog to keep me motivated, productive and accountable to myself and those who support me in my goals…because even though art has been my passion throughout life it has been too easy to find reasons to put off learning and allow challenges and negativity to prevent me from making it my focus. 2015 will be the year I get serious, push through doubts and do everything I can to work towards achieving one of my oldest goals: becoming an artist.

Please be patient as I work though the blogging learning curve. After I compile a body of work, I plan on connecting with a couple of art communities to sell the best of what I create. Thank you for coming along with me on this journey through my classes and weekly painting studies, and please feel free to give me feedback (I cry easy, so please be nice) for improvement!

4 thoughts on “Blog #1: New resolutions towards achieving old goals

  1. Maybe I’m overly hormonal these days (haha!) but I teared up with your writing! I’m so excited to see your work on a regular basis. I’m happy that you’re believing in your abilities and showing the world. You deserve this. Looking forward to more! Love you!


    • Absolutely…will be working on that soon! I will have to post older stuff as my classes start 5th & 15th…and I will start my “weekly” paintings very soon to get the ball rolling. Thanks for your comment–you’re my first comment!


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