Art Books & My New Still Life Stage


I wish I could say these were all of my art books…

I want to admit a personal problem: I buy waaaay too many books. I have moved many times within the last six years as an Army wife, and found that reading books on Kindle is a terrific way to avoid overweight charges or having to sell my precious books for a quarter in garage sales. There are two types of books I can’t stand to read on a screen: cookbooks and art books. I dread the next move when I need to weigh the new books I’ve accumulated in the two years we’ve lived in Hawaii.

With instructional books on art (art lessons, techniques, etc.) I may actually do one or two of the exercises, scan the rest, and put it aside to do more “later,” which may or may not happen. My latest favorite is Carol Marine’s Daily Painting. My painting professor expressed many times that the best way to improve as a painter is to paint frequently, daily if possible, but with my other classes last semester I actually painted lesIMG_5593s…so when I came across this book when guiltily scanning Amazon for new books on art, I ordered it right away. I read this book from cover to cover, checked out her website,, and am determined to use the wealth of information Carol Marine generously shares to get me painting on a more regular basis, if not every day. The chapter on artist’s block alone is worth purchasing the book in my opinion; I have bookmarked it and will re-read it any time I get stuck or feel overwhelmed by everything I’m attempting to learn and briefly consider moving on to something easier…which happens more often than I’d like to admit.

I purchased the Still Life Stage from Connie Nobbe Fine Art, inspired by the set up Carol Marine uses for her daily still life paintings…and I just got it today! I love accumulating new art equipment as much as I do art books, and I’m pretty excited about the new addition to my little studio.


First I assembled the Stage…very easy as I could do it myself…and then I set up a quick still life to see how it would look. My draping needs work, but overall it’s great!

Now there’s no excuse for me not to get going on Daily Painting…at least Friday Painting as I have classes every other day of the week. Hopefully I’ll have at least one painting I’m not ashamed to post on this blog next week. Wish me luck!


Blank Canvas, Empty Stage…not scary at all!

6 thoughts on “Art Books & My New Still Life Stage

    • Aww! Glad I’m your first and for now, the only. There are some pretty cool blogs out there, I’m discovering! I plan on posting three times a week, or if that’s too much with my schedule at least once a week. A great way to keep in touch! You should start a blog featuring your bouquet of flowers (Violeta & Lily). I would definitely follow you! 🙂


  1. I can’t wait to see some of the ‘Daily’ work. And I agree that having a real book is a far better reading experience for certain subjects.


    • Slowly but surely setting up for my first ‘Daily’! I’m both nervous and excited. I’ll be taking two classes now, I decided, but will still have plenty of time to get those in. Now that I mentioned weighing my books, another move is coming up…but I just can’t get rid of these ones!


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