Mixed Media Journaling


To break up my “serious” art studies, I have started doing mixed media journal pages using the books Art Journal Freedom and Art Journal Courage by Dina Wakley for inspiration and techniques. I don’t have a lot of experience with doing this type of artwork, but it feels a little bit like doing art in elementary school…which means it’s fun and uninhibited, just splashing and scribbling without worrying too much (I’m trying).

After a difficult day painting, where nothing seemed to go my way and I was questioning my audacity at trying to be an artist, I decided to do a journal page as therapy. I needed a win…or at least to create something without the stress of drawing accuracy. Of course, it’s still good to consider colors, composition, and all the rest of art’s “rules,” but when doing journaling I get to consider my mistakes as happy accidents that contribute to a unique look…and sometimes that is just what I need.

So I got out old materials I haven’t used in years (or let kids use at will) and some new additions (is there anything more fun than shopping for art supplies? Not much): markers, acrylics (still getting used to those), stamps, pastels (love!), crayons, watercolors, inks, stencils, gesso, spray paint…pretty much anything goes. Reading through an exercise in the books, I happily make a huge mess on my dining room table creating a journal page.

Of course, I still worry too much about how it turns out, but it’s a journal page, not a “serious” art piece, so I tell myself to relax. It’s so fun, and just what I need to balance out the stress of my other, more demanding art classes, while still being creative. Win, win!

6 thoughts on “Mixed Media Journaling

  1. I love these!!! I love to see you letting yourself go, as much as you’re able 🙂 , and allowing the creativity to flow. They’re beautiful!


      • I understand. I deal with stress (mostly self-induced) badly too and allow it to affect my work, creativity and progress. There’s something about being an artist that keeps us coming back to it, even though we keep putting it on the back burner for other things, which is denying a big part of ourselves. I try to tell myself…it’s worthwhile and necessary even if people don’t understand (and sometimes I don’t understand), but I don’t want to stop…Eventually it’s got to get easier, right?! I hope so!! Journaling is good…supposed to get your thoughts organized, deal with feelings, and keep working on something creative. I hope you find inspiration and try it!

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