I have loved art my entire life, and the last couple of years have been focused on growing as an artist. My favorite medium is oils, but I enjoy drawing and experimenting with all types of media. I am currently an art student, and my nature is such that I always will be…so I plan to embrace all learning experiences towards my goal of becoming an accomplished and thriving working artist.

This blog will cover my journey, and will have three separate but related focuses in 2015:

  1.  Blogging on Art Classes at  Leeward Community College in Hawaii (working slowly and steadily towards my BFA in painting) and classical realism training at the Zwick Academy of Fine Art in Honolulu
  2. Blogging and artwork posting of “Daily Paintings” which will actually be Weekly Still Life or other small paintings to develop my skills and a body of work
  3. Independent self-studies/lessons on drawing and painting from the many art books in my library

Please be patient with me in these first attempts at blogging…and I appreciate your visit!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. This is great. A wonderful way to keep motivated – since you’ve now told the world you’ll keep us in the loop – I guess you’ll have to! Love it.


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